A well-trained arborist can identify and effectively treat the Insect & Disease problems. There are many conditions caused by insects or Diseases in trees. A Bode Tree Care certified arborist can advise you about prevalent insect infestation and disease infected areas and the effective course of treatment for each.



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Bacterial Leaf Scorch

A newly recognized disease, bacterial leaf scorch, affects a wide range of plant species. Oaks, sycamores, and elms are especially at risk. Foliage browning (scorching) followed by defoliation occurs in mid to late summer. Branch dieback and subsequent decline occurs over a period of years. This eventually leads to the failure of the plant. This problem occurs most commonly on linden, maple, ash and cottonwood. Treatments are available to slow the decline and extend the life of the affected plant, but no cure or preventive measures are available yet.


Bacterial Leaf Scorch


Photo courtesy of The Nebraska Forest Service –

Nebraska University www.nfs.unl.edu

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