A well-trained arborist can identify and effectively treat the Insect & Disease problems. There are many conditions caused by insects or Diseases in trees. A Bode Tree Care certified arborist can advise you about prevalent insect infestation and disease infected areas and the effective course of treatment for each.


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Bag Worm

Caterpillars, pupae, and adult males live inside bags constructed of silk, twigs, and larvae which hang from trees. Full grown larvae are 18 to 25mm long and dark brown. Bags of mature larvae are 30 to 50 mm long. Female bagworms are yellowish-white, wingless, maggot-like moths that do not have functional legs, eyes, or antennae. Male moths are sooty, black and hairy, and have a wingspan about 25 mm.


Eggs over winter within the bags and hatch in bag. Larvae initially feed on the surfaces of needles and later consume entire branches. Larvae pupate in the bags in late summer. In the fall male moths emerge, fly to bags with females, and mate with the females.


Infested trees and shrubs are unsightly, weakened, and may be killed.




bagworm damage


Photos courtesy of The Nebraska Forest Service –

Nebraska University www.nfs.unl.edu

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