Construction in the proximity of trees can be detrimental to the health of trees if not performed according to standard management practices. The different types of damage can range from broken limbs, trunk or bark damage,

and root loss or damage. A Bode Tree Care arborist can diagnose and perform the correct management

techniques to counteract the damage that has occurred during construction activities.




An assessment will begin with a visual inspection to determine the damage of that has occurred to the structure of the tree. Next a soil samples will be taken to determine compaction and fertility of soil along with establishing pre construction soil elevation. Other site considerations will be examined such as fill soil that may alter the soil,

changes in storm water runoff, and other environmental considerations that have been introduced during construction. Once a baseline has been determined with all gathered information, a proper diagnosis can be implemented.



Pruning should be limited only to broken or hanging branches and stubs. This is where disease causing insects can enter the tree. All other pruning for esthetics and shape should not be performed at this time. This reduces the foliage on the tree and will reduce the important nutrient producing leaves on the tree.


Soil Sample

Soil samples should be taken and analyzed to measure fertility of soil. Soil compaction will also be analyzed at this time. Corrective soil amendments will be based on the soil sample.



Treatments methods may include: reducing soil compaction, introduce foliar growth regulators to promote root growth, and deep root fertilization to correct concerns identified by the soil sample. Treatment programs will be based on the extent of the construction damage.



Expectations for survivability are based on damage conditions.


Construction Damage Mitigation

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