A well-trained arborist can identify and effectively treat the Insect & Disease problems. There are many conditions caused by insects or Diseases in trees. A Bode Tree Care certified arborist can advise you about prevalent insect infestation and disease infected areas and the effective course of treatment for each.


Insects Management Programs

The larvae of this pest damages trees by tunneling just beneath the bark of the trunk and branches, most commonly on the trunk just below a branch. The tunnels they make can girdle the trunk or branches or physically weaken them so they are easily broken by wind or snow. Heavily infested trees are often deformed and are sometimes killed. They usually emerge in August.


anthracnose on leaf


oak anthracnose disease on leaf


This photo courtesy of The Nebraska Forest Service –

Nebraska University www.nfs.unl.edu


Tree insect problems


Zimmerman Pine Moth

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